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  'Wedding Day' - an urchin marriage Circa 1982

These unique, and instantly recognizable paintings of children 'dressed down', always with 'serious' expressions, are the  most rare and sought after by collectors. The images capture street kids and children dressed as adults.

These works celebrate the spirit of children of all ages and from all backgrounds.  These pictures have a universal appeal, capture the spontaneity and freshness of their make-believe worlds, and at the same time reawaken the viewer’s personal memories of childhood with their simplicity, honesty and sincerity. They evoke the fantasy, mischief and pleasure that children derive from their endless imaginations. Children at play try to know what it’s like to be grown up, older, wiser, braver and independent, and by putting on mummy’s dress and high-heeled shoes, or daddy’s uniform, they step into the adult world which then becomes safe, harmless, less intimidating.